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At Eastport, we aim to be your keel, as on a boat – your point of balance, giving you directional stability. We help you get beyond thinking of money as the deep and unpredictable water you’re in. With our knowledge as your ballast, money can be the body that buoys you, propelling your good and purpose-rich life.

Keel Magazine

Indian Garden Farms Hiking Trail

Completed Indian Garden Farms Hiking Trail

The Jonathan David Wayne Lewis Foundation in partnership with Glen, Marylin, and Matthew Hebb, have completed the Indian Garden Farms Hiking Trail, in Hebbville! The scenic trail is 5km round trip and is open to the public.

 Eastport has 12th Annual Turkey Drive

Eastport has 12th Annual Turkey Drive!

On Dec 17 we had our 12th annual turkey drive. Our biggest yet, since the need was so high this year. All made possible by the many many volunteers and donors. We were able to provide a turkey dinner to 700 families in the HRM, Bridgewater and surrounding areas.

Jonathan's "More than Money"

Jonathan's "More than Money" Book launched!

Jonathan had his official book launch of his 2nd book More Than Money at the Souls Harbour Mission Mart. 100% of the proceeds of the book go to the foundation which benefits all the amazing organizations we support.

October Market Insights

Market & Economic Summary – October 2021

U.S, Canadian and global equity markets started Q3 where Q2 ended, confidently charting a course forward. By the end of August, equities had notched a seventh straight month of gains, with the S&P 500 Index finishing near its all-time high and the TSX Composite Index on its longest winning streak in four years.

Market & Economic Summary – July 2021

Market & Economic Summary – July 2021

The global economy continued to recover in the second quarter helped by the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, U.S. fiscal stimulus programs and supportive monetary policies from the Fed and other major central banks.

April Market Insights

Market & Economic Summary – April 2021

Markets in the first quarter of 2021 have been marked by ongoing volatility as the world recovers from the negative effect of the first waves of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CRA Insurance

True Insurance Value – CRA challenges Capitol dividend amount arising from insurance proceeds

By Kevin Wark

Most insurance advisors are familiar with the benefits of corporate-owned life insurance. To start, it may be "cheaper" to fund the premiums with after-tax corporate dollars rather than using personal funds.

 Eastport has 11th Annual Turkey Drive

Love reciprocated – Eastport has 11th Annual Turkey Drive!

Each year, our staff generously donate their time to organize the Annual Eastport Turkey Drive. It’s one of the ways we give back to the community, and this year, despite the added challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we raised $21,350.00 and bought 650 turkeys, sacks of potatoes, stuffing, bread, frozen vegetables, and dessert!

We are grateful for the following testimonials of our efforts, and to these organizations for allowing us to be part of their Christmas outreach.

January Market Insights

Market & Economic Summary – January, 2021

Despite a resurgence of COVID-19 cases and renewed lockdowns in many regions, markets trended upward during the fourth quarter of 2020, boosted by growing clarity around the outcome of the U.S. presidential election and significant COVID-19 vaccine progress.

Income property owner

If you are an income property owner, you will want to be up to speed on the most recent updates to the Canadian Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS).

Check out this great read from our partners at Belliveau Veinotte on how the CERS is open to property owners and not just tenants.

Retired couple

Retirement planning beyond the financial aspects

The idea that retirement is a continuous vacation is a myth. It takes planning to spend time with purpose. Make no mistake it is important to relax, travel while you can, and enjoy every day - but that shouldn't be a retirement thing, it should be an everyday state of mind. Too many folks think life starts at retirement but get there to find disappointment realizing that life is best lived with purpose, which takes effort.

October Market Insights

Market & Economic Summary – Third Quarter

Recovering from the pandemic-related downdraft of the first quarter, financial markets enjoyed a period of relative calm and optimism through of the summer of 2020. Equity prices in many markets continued to improve, with some sectors moving sharply higher as lockdown restrictions eased and economic activity gradually resumed...

Flexibility & Cost Efficiency

Flexibility & Cost Efficiency. That's what businesses are craving – The HSA.

What does everyone know about group health & dental plans? That's easy: The cost goes up every year, and selecting a specific plan design for the increasingly diverse needs of ​staff can be a challenge.

Jonathan Lewis featured in the Top 100 Magazine

Jonathan Lewis featured in the Top 100 Magazine

A man of many talents, Jonathan Lewis holds the titles of developer, multi-business owner, professional advisor, and author. However, it is the qualitative side of his life that he values most. As the husband of Sara Lewis and as the father of their two young daughters, Jonathan places his family above all else and works to assist other families who lack the resources they have. As the founder of Eastport Financial and as the author of Deep Water: How to Face Fatherlessness, Jonathan’s faith in God is at the center of who he is. He strives to live out his faith daily as a husband, father and leader in the business community.


July Market Insights

Market & Economic Summary – Second Quarter

While the first quarter of 2020 was dominated by anxiety surrounding the initial outbreak of COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdowns and capital market declines, the second quarter demonstrated a remarkable bounce back in those markets – even with a resurgence of the virus in the U.S. and renewed lockdown measures.


Let's talk college education and RESPs

The day arrives when you’re hopping into the car to head to the hospital because your family is about to be one or a few persons bigger; the baby(ies) are arriving. It is an amazing time in one’s life to be creating life and seeing your child(ren) grow and achieve. As parents we worry and fret about many things including saving for college...

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