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At Eastport, we aim to be your keel, as on a boat – your point of balance, giving you directional stability. We help you get beyond thinking of money as the deep and unpredictable water you’re in. With our knowledge as your ballast, money can be the body that buoys you, propelling your good and purpose-rich life.

Keel Magazine

Equities Investments

What Are Equities Investments?

Investing in equities is the same as investing in stocks. In a manner of speaking, if you’re investing in stocks, then you’re investing in equities!

However, not all equities are stocks, as the term “equities”, includes a list of different investment options (one example is mutual funds). The common factor is that none of these investments pay a fixed interest rate, but rather you make a portion of the profit that the company or fund earns.

Family Trust

How Are Family Trusts Taxed in Canada?

Recent tax legislation has introduced some significant changes that have impacted how family trusts are taxed in Canada. These changes have had a significant impact on existing Canadian family trusts with the bulk of these changes impacting many renowned and influential private family businesses.

What are the Risks of Poor Succession Planning

What are the Risks of Poor Succession Planning?

When a coveted employee or high-level executive leaves a business, it can have many adverse effects, especially if a succession plan is not in place.

A talent vacuum can be created, because of which, important roles and functions are not carried out.

How Does A Money Market Fund Work In Canada

How Does A Money Market Fund Work In Canada?

Simply put, a money market fund is just another type of mutual fund. A common investment choice for people from all walks of life. This investment is best suited to those looking for a short-term, low-risk return. 

Difference Between a Foundation and a Charity in Canada

What Is the Difference Between a Foundation and a Charity in Canada?

If you’re looking to build a philanthropic legacy through the money you’ve earned with all your hard work, then this article will be of great benefit to you. While it is noble to engage in any charitable endeavor, it would be prudent to look into the different ways one can do so.

How Do Group Benefits Impact the Payroll Department

How Do Group Benefits Impact The Payroll Department?

Offering a wide range of employee benefits has become common practice for most small, medium, and large businesses in Canada. Group benefits, for example, offer employees much wider coverage than your provincial health care plans. For most employees, a better health and wellness plan can be the difference between moving to another company or staying in their current position.

Eastport Market and Economic Summary October

Eastport Market and Economic Summary – October 2022

Despite a bright start to Q3, U.S., Canadian and global equities gradually lost momentum as the Fed reiterated it would continue its monetary tightening path. In bond markets, U.S. and Canadian yields rose on the outlook for interest rates, inflation and the pound falling to a record low after the U.K. government announced huge tax cuts funded by increased borrowing which were subsequently rejected by the market and reversed.

Jonathan given Queens Platinum Jubillee Award

Jonathan given Queens Platinum Jubillee Award

This year Canada is celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, marking her 70th anniversary on the Throne. She was Canada’s longest reigning Sovereign and was the first to celebrate a platinum jubilee.

Succession Planning For Canadian Business Owners

Succession Planning For Canadian Business Owners

For owners of small businesses or for that matter family businesses, succession planning is of critical importance. The earlier one can start on a succession plan the more smoothly it can be implemented when the time comes for a change of ownership.

How Do You Setup a Foundation In Canada

How Do You Setup a Foundation In Canada?

Are you wondering how to set up a foundation, not-for-profit, or charitable organization in Canada? Well, you have landed at the right place!

In this article, we will take a look at what it takes to register a private foundation in Canada, how they differ from charitable organizations, and why they are beneficial for the overall economy.

Jonathan on The Perspective

The Perspective TV Show: Mike and Mitch speak with Jonathan regarding living a life of giving

Working with schools in underprivileged countries, missions that house displaced men, youth shelters and food drives for local families is just the tip of the iceberg for the JDWL Foundation.

Eastport Market and Economic Summary

Eastport Market and Economic Summary – July 2022

It was an eventful quarter. Lingering inflation, tightening central bank policy, high oil prices and geopolitical tensions were top of mind for investors. U.S., Canadian and global equities swung back and forth on market volatility, one moment bullishly coping and the next turning bearish, before ending Q2 in the doldrums.

Special Market & Economic Update

Special Market & Economic Update

We wanted to take a moment to share a special market and economic summary by our in-house CFA Charterholders, Matthew Jenkinson and Cy Korun, addressing the current market volatility and economic uncertainty.

April Market Insights

Market & Economic Summary – April 2022

The start to 2022 has been a volatile one. High inflation, rising interest rates and commodity prices, and geopolitical tensions with war are weighing on global economies, supply chains and consumers.

Eastport honoured by Teen Challenge

Eastport honoured by Teen Challenge

Eastport was honoured to be presented with this plaque from Teen Challenge commemorating our 6 years of support.

We, at Eastport, consider it our privilege to help Teen Challenge in the important work they do transforming lives by freeing people from their addictions.

Faytene TV

Jonathan on the Faytene Show: Navigating Our Current Economy

When it comes to our economy and market dynamics, Canadians have walked off their map these past months.

At times like this how do Canadians manage their daily expenses, and how do they prepare for the future? Join Faytene Grassesch in discussing the isssues with Jonathan.

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