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Wealth Preservation & Asset Protection for Canadians


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Protecting your wealth is a process of discovery.

We take all your financial considerations—your assets, capital, investments, legacy, family and relationship dynamics, relationships, businesses, challenges, and goals—and blend with the latest government policy, succession implications, and societal trends around estate planning and tax integration.

Many people think they know what they need to protect their assets through life and beyond. But when we shine the light of discovery to strategize your insurance portfolio, we often realize it’s time to either redirect—you’re headed for a pothole—or we find an advantage you’ve been missing all this time.



Our Asset Protection Planning Process

Our clients come in thinking one thing, asking for insurance—and they leave having had a revelation. Let’s roll up our sleeves.



Protecting your wealth isn’t just a measure for you and your immediate family. It’s your inter-generational legacy.

Once we get a sense of your assets and goals, we sit down with your whole team—lawyers, spouses, business partners, accountant, controller—and begin a whole-picture collaboration. We suggest potential priorities, and then work together to triage the list to what’s most important to you and your team. Then we set out to reveal any gaps or obstacles in your financial strategy.



Insurance can be a distribution channel, a failsafe, an emergency fund, or shelter for windfalls. There are endless ways to structure your assets and accomplishments to protect your legacy.

Most people’s default position is to do nothing. We don’t often anticipate that the family will fight over our assets, or it feels inevitable that the government will take half. But there are many other options that sow the seeds of long-term wealth protection.

Whether you sell assets or build more; launch a family trust; or implement a waisting or cascading freeze, insurance is central to your succession, estate, tax plan, and positive family dynamics.



Your accountants are going to pull every lever they can to limit your tax.

But there are more levers. When we work with your team to plan, we spark a holistic blend of legal, accounting, and insurance expertise. This is the territory of financial revelations.



We’ll keep you on-track to your goals as life (and the world) shifts.

We advise and implement based on your priorities, collaborating with your accountants and lawyers to propel your legacy no matter how challenging the waters around you.



Join Jonathan as he discusses a new Eastport Financial insurance offering.

Canada's healthcare system is currently failing us – with long wait times and a real lack of family doctors. Is there a 'Plan B' for risk management for our kids, company team, ourselves?

First, the trust is earned. Then the work can commence." – Andrew Parrott

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On Protecting Your Assets with Jonathan Lewis
“So far, my entrepreneurial ventures have been all about instinct. What do I need to bring to the table to be more methodical in my planning?”


“When you’ve spent years in growth mode, it can be hard to see which failsafes might be missing. Holistic planning protects your most valuable asset — your ability to provide for yourself and your family. Mitigate worst-case scenarios to extend your growth with confidence.”



“Everyone else seems to have more to work with. Can I get where I want to be?”


“Don’t forget: many people have Rolex watches, fancy cars, and nearly empty bank accounts. Measure your wealth not only in capital, but in curiosity — the drive to know what you don’t yet know. No matter what the gap between where you are and where you want to be, confronting life’s ‘what ifs’ is step one to build for the future.”




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