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Lisa King

Lisa King


After a bustling administration, bookkeeping, and financial career with the Halifax municipality, Lisa King shifted her work to prioritize raising her children. While making the most of her family time, she ran her own administrative business with entrepreneurial employers and clients like Pete Luckett, Viewpoint Realty, and an array of financial advisors, HR consultants, and real estate investors. She made herself so indispensable that as her children grew, she found herself rising to manage a winery—but realized she once again needed to balance her personal and professional goals. Once her sons had nearly grown, she re-entered full-time work with a team that matched her entrepreneurial roots.

“I’ve worked for so many different kinds of people, and Eastport is so visionary,” she says. “They’re so lively and connected. Jonathan and the team are all very instinctive and generous with their trust, with no micromanaging. It’s a level of empowerment that makes it easy for all of us to do what we do best.”

Since starting at Eastport, Lisa has run with that free licence. As Eastport’s Chief Financial Officer & Head of Human Resources, she’s driving a new vision for automation, finding new efficiencies, and designing new systems and workflows for focus, especially during busy seasons.

When not at work, Lisa is with her family, most often in the outdoors or along trails on her bike.


Phone: 902.474.5433
E-Mail: lking@eastportfinancial.com
Address: 371 St. Margaret's Bay Road Ste 201, Halifax, NS, B3N 1J8

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